Survivors of Violence and Sexual Abuse were Given a New Life

By: Casa Vida

Published On: May 28, 2018

Raised: Rs 3,32,177

Duration: 31 days

Donors: 25

Casa Vida equipped women with the necessary skills to support themselves and integrate into society again.

This fundraiser was part of Project Inspire.

Survivors of violence and sexual abuse often face issues going back to normal life once rescued. In fact, most women are financially dependent on their perpetrators and thus find it difficult to speak up against them. CASA VIDA is working for almost a decade to rehabilitate women and children who are victims of abuse. 

The NGO currently operates two of the top hospitality services in the South Asian country of Timor-Leste, through Kafé Aroma and Doce Vida to train women in skills related to the hospitality industry. While their endeavour is doing exceptionally well, they didn’t have enough resources to fulfill training needs and operational expenses. 

They started a fundraiser on Impact Guru to raise over 3 lakh in a month!

Here’s what they did right:

Fundraiser Video: High-quality images make any fundraiser attractive but Casa Vida went a step further to share an great video that encapsulated their activities and their programs.

Fund Utilisation: The donors often like to know how the funds will be utilized. By giving a clear cost breakup for your project, you come across as more transparent and thus evoke more trust in the donors. Casa Vida provided an in detail plan of how the funds would be used that gave the donor a clear idea and thus increased donations.

Personalised rewards: Donors received handmade rewards created by the victims as a token of appreciation for their contribution. This added a great personal touch as it brought the donor closer to the people he/she had impacted. 

Impact: Today, the team at Casa Vida have successfully rescued several women from the horrific life after abuse. 

You can view their complete fundraiser here.

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