Your love helped 61-year-old Rina beat Kidney Transplant

By: Diamond Diwan

Published On: March 12, 2019

Mrs. Rina Mukhopadhyay

Funds Raised: Rs. 9,49,006

Number of Donations: 159

Diagnosis - Kidney Failure

“The situation seemed helpless to us. I was paying my brain tumor bills on one side while my mom was fighting End Stage Kidney Failure. Things became bittersweet when we found that our younger sister was a kidney donor match for mom. If we hadn’t been introduced to Impact Guru on time, the both of us wouldn’t be here - happy and alive.”

  • Debolina, Rina’s youngest daughter

Debolina still remembers the day when her mother, Rina’s hospital room was all up in a frenzy. She was having her second Hypoglycemic Attack- a phenomena which made her body tremble uncontrollably until she passed out completely. Weeks later, these attacks were followed by 2 subsequent seizures that made her mother froth at the mouth. 61-year-old Rina’s kidneys had failed and it was only a matter of time until things deteriorated to the point of no return. She needed a kidney transplant immediately.

The Mukhopadhyay family members were tested and Madhhurima, Rina’s older daughter aged 37, was declared a donor match for her ailing mother. There was just one catch - the whopping Rs. 25 Lakhs that the family needed urgently.

How did Impact Guru become a part of their journey?

They had looked for financial help from Trusts but there was a long waiting list.

I was in MGM Hospital to collect results for some tests when I saw a poster of Impact Guru on one of the hospital walls. It was like a sign from heaven fate itself!” - Debolina

Rina’s fundraiser started on 3rd June, 2018.

Who did they reach out to initially?

The family started off with approaching their relatives and friends, many of whom would take time out of their lives to ask the sisters for more details about Rina. What worked the most, says Debolina, was personally messaging them on Facebook and WhatsApp.

“For 3 days, I was just personally reaching out to all my contacts, after which we started seeing results. Facebook was the most helpful. My inbox was flooded with messages of love and support and it made us feel that our family was not alone."

When Rina saw that her story had raised Rs. 9,49,006 in 57 days, the mother of 2 had tears in her eyes. She could not believe it. Their campaign manager helped them quickly access their funds and by 7th June, 2018, Rina underwent her kidney transplant in Jaslok Hospital, successfully. By the 15th of the same month, she was discharged.

Rina undergoes frequent check ups and is on her way to recovering. She is back to singing her favourite old tunes. With the financial stress of the transplant eased, Debolina was also able to continue her brain tumor treatment. The family remains grateful to all the donors who came together to save their family from falling apart.

You can view the fundraiser here.

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