Chandru shares his gratitude as he successfully beats COVID

By: Trinete Rodregues, Suraj Pandey

Published On: September 21, 2021


COVID-19 has created havoc in the lives of many. For me, I lost my job- the only source of income for my family. My wife, Radha and I struggled to meet daily expenses. But, we were yet to be put to test.

In May 2021, I showed signs of COVID. I wished and prayed for the report to come back negative. But it didn’t. What scared me to death was the positive reports of my kids and my wife. With the whole family fighting COVID, I couldn’t stop wondering how I would get us all treated!

I dug into my savings and got my wife and kids medication. But while they were recovering, I got worse. Medication didn’t help, so I needed hospitalization. My relatives struggled to find me a bed. When they finally did get one, I was put on oxygen support immediately. The sight we see on TV is worse in reality. People were struggling to pull through. Loved ones were crying non-stop.

Amid the physical and emotional struggles, the financial ones kicked in. COVID treatment is costly. My savings were exhausted. Getting additional help from people was impossible. They too were struggling during this difficult time. In a time like this, I was lucky to have step in and support my treatment costing Rs 5 lakh.

I wish to thank everyone on the Impact Guru platform for your prayers and support. You helped me beat COVID and return home to my family safe and healthy. In 87 days, 134 donors helped me raise 91% of the goal amount. My wife and kids have successfully beat COVID too. Things can finally return to normal only because you decided to help me in my time of need. Thank you & may God bless each one of you.

- Chandru Shekar, COVID survivor

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