A Dedicated Father’s Efforts Helped Pay for His Son’s Cancer Treatment in a Week!

By: Sanjeev Kumar Singh

Published On: May 29, 2018

Funds raised: Rs 9,29,109
Donations: 295

Determination and love pushed this father to raise double his goal amount in less than a week to pay for his 4-year-old son’s cancer treatment.

Little boys at his age are supposed to play with their toys and tricycles and are barely old enough to start going to school. But Shreyansh’s life took a different turn when he was discovered to be suffering stage four Neuroblastoma at the staggeringly young age of four. Doctors urged for a bone marrow transplant that his parents couldn’t afford and they were left helpless. Sanjeev Kumar, the boy’s father, though devastated, was determined to do everything he could and more to save his young son’s life.

And his fundraiser was a thundering success, raising almost double his goal amount in just 6 days!

When he heard about the concept of crowdfunding, Sanjeev looked no further. Within minutes after his campaign was approved, the donations started pouring in and they didn’t stop. Nearly 300 supporters came together to contribute to Shreyansh’s recovery in 6 days. Though Sanjeev set a modest goal amount of Rs 5 lakhs, his donor networks exceeded the goal to help raise Rs 9.3 lakhs.

What did he do right?

Timely action: When a social media user land on  a fundraiser, they are sometimes discouraged if they see that the campaign has been active for days or weeks and hasn’t reached a significant portion of its goal. This makes them feel that the fundraiser won’t reach its goal and thus their contribution won’t matter at all..Sanjeev was effective in gathering a significant part of his support before he created his campaign and was quick to collect contributions. Crowdfunding experts say that the first few days are the most crucial for any fundraiser and we agree.

Formed a collective goal with his network: His family, friends and colleagues were informed of and included in his fundraising endeavour before his campaign went active. He was proactive in encouraging his contacts to care about his fundraiser; they were quick to spur into action once his fundraiser was live. Few successful crowdfunding campaign are a one-man-show.

Use of emailers and social media: Sanjeev actively wrote individual emailers and WhatsApp messages and spread them within his personal and professional networks, and was adept at eliciting positive responses. He shared regularly on Facebook as well, and ensured family and friends did the same.

The power of professional networks: Sanjeev Kumar is a government official with a large professional network at his disposal. An employee of the electricity board in Madhya Pradesh, he was well-known and thus capable of reaching far and wide to easily win the trust of potential donors and collect donations.

To visit Shreyansh’s fundraiser page, click here

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