Antarang Foundation Changed The Lives of 500 Teenagers

By: Antarang Foundation

Published On: June 05, 2018

Funds Raised: Rs 2,87,100
Donations: 30

We’ve all been asked at some point in our lives; “What do you want to do when you grow up?” When we’re at this stage, usually in our teens, we need the right guidance to make sure we make an informed decision.

In India, the Right to Education only applies to children until they turn 14. After this, they’re on their own. If their families can’t afford to continue sending them to school, they drop out and are forced to take up informal employment with no benefits or future. No more than half of India’s children above 14 get to continue going to school and still fewer make it to higher education programs.

Antarang Foundation works with underprivileged students between the ages of 14 and 18 in their CareerAware program, to provide quality career guidance with vocational training and one-on-one counselling to hundreds of students.

Their fundraiser raised Rs. 2.87 lakh over a few weeks!

Antarang Foundation was able to bring together a team of highly qualified trainers, placement coordinators, community coordinators and guidance counsellors to help give training sessions to over 500 underprivileged teenagers!

Here’s how they did it!

Countdown to build excitement: Antarang has a large following on Facebook and Twitter, where they counted down to the beginning of their fundraiser to build excitement. A few people asked where they could donate even before the fundraiser had begun! Letting people know that you’re planning to run a fundraiser beforehand helps build a potential donor base so you can kick your fundraiser off with a strong start.

Emails matter: This NGO sure knows how to do emails! They planned their email chain well, starting well in advance before the fundraiser began to get their existing donors and potential donors familiar with the problem and the solution they were planning to offer. The NGO wrote around 4-5 emails during the time they ran the fundraiser and followed up with updates on their execution of their program as well.

Building a contact list from experts: Antarang was able to reach a large part of their audience by utilizing contacts of the guidance counsellors, placement coordinators and other trainers that they were involving in their CareerAware program.

Take a look at their fundraiser here.

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