Teenager helps save 2-year-old’s life on her birthday on ImpactGuru

By: Kayalvizhi (Kayal)

Published On: June 15, 2020




This tale best explains to society, what a do-good birthday party means! 


Kayalvizhi (Kayal), a 2-year-old resident of Chennai was struggling to cope with a heart condition called Pulmonary Atresia, a condition where the heart is unable to pass enough oxygen to the body. Open-heart surgery at Madras Medical Mission, Chennai was her only cure. 


The family was going through a lot of highs and lows as Kayal’s condition was rapidly deteriorating. Previously, she already had stent surgery to help her breathe. The family had already exhausted all their savings on the medical procedure. Belonging to the working class, her family didn’t have any savings left to afford the life-saving surgery. 


Hope to raise the money for Kayal’s open-heart surgery was slim and her parents were running out of time. That’s when 17-year-old Jigyasa came across Kayal’s fundraiser on ImpactGuru.com. She was so moved by little Kayal’s story that she took the opportunity of her birthday to personally ensure money was raised to save Kayal’s life. She spread Kayal’s cause widely and all her friends and relatives came together and donated for Kayal’s surgery. 


We at ImpactGuru.com extended our support by encouraging Jigyasa to share videos and we curated a dedicated story for her. Within a few days, Kayalvizhi’s online cause met the goal amount and the money was transferred to the hospital for Kayal’s surgery. 


Her parents are overjoyed with the love & support their daughter received. And Jigyasa had goosebumps when she was told that Kayal had a successful surgery. Today Kayal can finally lead a normal life thanks to the thoughtfulness of a young teen and the kindness of the donors on ImpactGuru.com.


There’s nothing like celebrating your special day with a good cause you support. I wish more people would come together to help each other in society.” - Jigyasa. 


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