Involve Face-lift Indian Education System with ImpactGuru

By: Trinete Rodregues

Published On: May 02, 2020


With a view to improving the education system in India, Divanshu Kumar created Involve learning solutions. This not- for-profit-organization uses the technique of ‘peer teaching’ so that students learn, share knowledge and develop interpersonal skills at the same time.

Having impacted 2500+ students so far, Involve started a campaign on ImpactGuru with a vision of educating another 5000 students in 2020. The response they received was overwhelming. In just two hours, the campaign received Rs 2 lakhs!

The team at ImpactGuru recognized how much the Indian education system needs a facelift. We also realized the commitment and effectiveness Involve’s endeavour.  The team at ImpactGuru supported the campaign with regular updates to donors and operational support. 

Dear donors, give yourself a pat on the back! With your generous contributions through the ImpactGuru platform, the learners of today will become the leaders of tomorrow with Involve mentoring them all the way.