Siddhgir Gurukul Foundation is Deeply Indebted to all of its Donors

By: Sushant Sharma

Published On: August 20, 2019

                                                           Thank you all donors! Crowdfunding helps flood victims because of you


Maharashtra has always been known for annual low rainfall and its aftermath. In fact, most of its districts face drought almost every year. But this year, the heavy rainfall and overflowing of rivers like  Krishna, Panchaganga, Doodhganga and Vedganga have inundated most of the areas of Kolhapur. The floods are so severe that a large number of people are affected including livestock and wildlife.

Siddhgir Gurukul Foundation has taken the initiative to restore the lives of those affected by the flood. Their target is to provide basic amenities to the people. A plan is created in which they have thought of distributing food and clothes to the needy. Since the fundraiser went live on, it didn’t need a push. All the local and international media was already covering the news. It took them 7 days and 89 donors to generate Rs. 4,54,104.

The foundation is thankful to all the donors. They are overwhelmed by the response they have received. The job is still half done. They believe that more people will come forward to donate.

Siddhgir Gurukul Foundation is waiting for people like you. Please come forward and join hands in keeping the hopes of the flood victims afloat. 

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