Puja Received a Liver Transplant with the Kind Support of 394 Donors

By: Puja Bhatnagar

Published On: May 28, 2018

Funds raised: Rs 25,01,070
Duration: 39 days
Donors: 394

After suffering for 17 years Puja had reached end stage liver cirrhosis for which doctors suggested an urgent Liver transplant.

Puja had fought chronic liver disease for seventeen years. The strong, resilient woman from Delhi had never let the illness get in the way of a normal life. She took her teaching job seriously, and was happily married. Her two daughters agreed that she was the world’s best mother.

Things changed in March 2017. Without warning, her body stopped responding to the treatments she had been taking for years to fight liver cirrhosis. Doctors confirmed that she had reached a point where she would have to undergo a liver transplant surgery to survive.  

She was admitted to the Max hospital, one of the best known liver transplant hospitals in India. The hospital estimated a cost for her liver transplant surgery. This came as quite a shock to her husband, Anurag Bhatnagar, as he was unaware of the fact that complete cost of liver transplant consists of many charges apart from liver transplant surgery, such as care and the cost of drugs.

Anurag found himself with his back against the wall. There were hardly any options available to him now to raise funds for his wife’s liver transplant surgery. Loans and medical insurances were out of option due to the urgency of treatment. But people came forward with offers of contributing towards Puja’s liver transplant treatment. Anurag decided to start a fundraiser on Impact Guru, the best crowdfunding platform in India. 

Fundraising Journey of Anurag Bhatnagar: 

Anurag started with writing an engaging fundraiser story. He created a support group of his friends and colleagues who shared his fundraiser frequently within their circles. He approached Puja’s ex- colleagues, alumni from schools in Delhi and Dubai, where she had taught for some years, and friends and relatives, who generously contributed to her liver transplant surgery fundraiser on Impact Guru. 

A team of friends (coordinators) actively spread word of the campaign on their social networks. This worked very well for Puja’s fundraiser. The campaign received 425 social media shares in total on various social media platforms. In fact, the campaign was spread to countries outside India too as it received donations from the Australia, UK, USA and Dubai!

Anurag achieved his target of raising Rs. 25 lakhs in just 39 days. 394 people contributed to his fundraiser. 

What Anurag has to say about this overwhelming experience of crowdfunding in India:

“Crowdfunding helped us spread the fundraiser through various mediums which resulted in super quick response to our request for fundraising. The contributions came in from 15 different countries and we got people’s attention through Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and by reaching out to different blogs. We had not expected to collect this high an amount in such a short span of time, but this was made possible by crowdfunding on Impact Guru.”Crowdfunding harnesses the power of the crowd, of interpersonal relationships and empathy. It is the best way to raise funds for medical causes in India. It does away with the burden of debt. Also the reach of medical loans and insurances is limited in India. 

Medical crowdfunding can help you to raise money for costly treatments. India’s leading crowdfunding platform Impact Guru, which has raised Rs. 329 crores till date, has vast experience in hosting medical fundraisers. It has successfully raised money for many medical causes like kidney transplant, cancer treatment etc. via crowdfunding in India. So if you are facing a similar hurdle and need funds to continue treatment, don’t waste time. Start a fundraiser.

You can view Puja's fundraiser here.

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