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Crowdfunding can help you raise funds online through fundraising that is quick, efficient and low-cost

We know that most of your worries revolve around fundraising. Offline fundraising can cost anywhere between 30% - 60% of the total funds raised and it is a daily challenge for lakhs of non-profit organisations in India to raise funds to run their programs or support their fundraisers. We believe good intentions are unstoppable. Through crowdfunding for NGOs, we are helping non profit organisations across India – from the biggest to the smallest – working on various causes like education, children welfare, women empowerment etc, multiply their fundraising power with faster transactions, wider reach and reduced fundraising cost.


Use crowdfunding to reduce your fundraising costs.

The high costs involved in offline fundraising can be beaten by the power of the internet – which is free, easy-to-use, quick and reaches out to donors across states and countries. Crowdfunding for NGOs on our platform reduces the fundraising cost to as low as 9%.


Start a fundraiser without any hassles for free

To do good takes a lot of effort. We, at Impact Guru, know this first hand. Which is why we have made our crowdfunding platform easy-to-use and quick so you can get back to doing good work on the field while we support you to raise funds for your NGO online.

You can start a fundraiser for free in less than 5 minutes!


Give tax benefits to US/UK donors with our GlobalGiving partnership

When we say we help you raise the maximum funds, we mean it. And to do that, we have partnered with GlobalGiving, to make us the only crowdfunding platform in India which can provide tax benefits to donors from UK and USA. Indian NGOs interested in providing tax benefits to their US and UK donors, click here.

Your fundraiser can go live in three easy steps

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Our Due Diligence Process

We make sure that the thousands of donors on our platform feel confident and secure while donating to their favorite causes, which in turn will help you raise maximum funds. Our platform follows high safety and transparency standards, and we have a thorough due diligence process that every NGO has to undergo. But don’t let this worry you. All we need from you are the three documents mentioned below and your fundraiser will be live in the next 5 minutes!

Documents Required

If your NGO doesn’t have any of the above or is in the process of acquiring the above-mentioned documents, and you still want to raise funds for a cause, you can start a fundraiser under the Personal Causes category.

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