479 ImpactGuru donors carved out chaithanya’s glorious future

By: Aman Soni, Shreyoshi Das, Kleio Bhagwati

Published On: August 02, 2022

To my saviors, 
You will forever stay in my heart.

This gift of life, the will to write the story of how you helped while my days seemed numbered, is the testimony of your love for me. You have showered your affection unconditionally. You, the Impact Guru donors have impacted the trajectory of my life in a way you can never fathom. The spark of help in your heart saved my light of life. While suffering from severe brain injuries, I did not know how I’d afford my treatment. My hopes were low, but you became the light of my day. Like a dove, you came from heaven and filled my life with joy. To Impact Guru and its donors, I shall always be grateful.

On 21st March 2021, I was traveling with a friend on his bike, and we met in an accident. I fractured my right hand, and sustained brain injuries.

I was in ICU, the treatment expenses were over the moon, and all the savings of our family had run their course. At that bleak moment, crowdfunding on Impact Guru was our only recourse. And the unconditional help appeared like a guiding light during the dusk. The campaign managers at Impact Guru was with my old mother at every step of the way and made the whole crowdfunding process smooth.

479 angels came to my help on ImpactGuru.com. You helped me raise more than Rs 10 Lakh. How can I thank each one of you? How can I become a heart of gold, and help other people, the way you helped me? I will strive to pay your kindness forward, each day I live.

Thank you Impact Guru donors, I will always remember that somewhere, somehow, there are souls like you, who are guarding this earth and directing many lives in the direction of goodness.


-  Your’s Chaithanya



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