ImpactGuru Paves Hope for Sai Srikanth’s Recovery

By: Kleio Bhagwati

Published On: January 30, 2020


Once upon a time, Sai Srikanth lived a blissful life with a loving family and a great job in Abu Dhabi. Then on 29 December 2018, Sai Srikanth suffered a massive heart attack and went into a coma. With no international health insurance cover, it was difficult for his wife, Sankirthana to continue his treatment in Abu Dhabi. Sai was in such a critical condition that he needed an air ambulance to fly back to India.

Sankirthana didn’t even have the funds to pay the expensive fare of the air ambulance. That’s when one of Sai Srikanth’s friends who had seen ads of ImpactGuru on Facebook, suggested Sankirthana begin crowdfunding on

With the help of the donors on ImpactGuru, Sai Srikanth was flown back to India and admitted to a reputed hospital in Hyderabad. 

A year after the unfortunate incident, Sai Srikanth is out of a coma. He is relearning to walk, talk, and write. He still needs to go through many rounds of physiotherapy, speech therapy, and psychotherapy to be the person he was once before he fell ill. 

But the improvement is remarkable and for everyone to see. 

ImpactGuru is grateful to all the donors who helped Sai Srikanth and are proud to be a part of his journey to perfect health.

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