A Devoted Husband’s Crowdfunding Initiative to Save his Wife Paid Off!

By: Edward B

Published On: May 29, 2018

Funds raised: Rs 13,98,833
Donations: 228

When Sophie urgently needed a liver transplant, her husband stepped up to successfully raise the money they needed to save her life.

Sophie is the kind of exuberant woman who wasn’t limited by a comfort zone and enjoyed dipping her toes in different projects. She had an interest in all things creative; she was an enthusiastic blogger, story writer, photographer and poet. Her adventurous spirit took her hiking and travelling around the world. She passionately pursued her hobbies on the side while working full time as an environmental engineer.

But Sophie’s free spirit was crushed by an illness.

In March 2016, Sophie started to repeatedly complain of pain in her abdomen. She brushed it off, assuming it to be gastritis until she couldn’t bear it anymore. Soon, a visit to the doctor and several blood tests and scans later, Sophie discovered that she was suffering from end stage liver disease. Sophie and her husband, Edward were devastated.

Since her diagnosis, Sophie had been undergoing rigorous treatment in Chennai. She was forced to give up her treasured hobbies and her job. They used their savings to afford her treatment and Edward juggled his job with her monthly medical visits and treatments. Sophie’s only hope was a liver transplant but finding a donor was easier said than done. Edward did what he could to hold things together as he watched her suffer dizziness, fatigue and immense pain helplessly. Life went on in this way for nearly two years. Soon, they had drained all of their savings. Despite listing for a liver donor, they hadn’t found one yet.

Doctors proposed  a figure of Rs 36-40 lakhs, including the transplant procedure and post-operative care to treat Sophie. Knowing it was impossible to afford it on their own, Edward decided to take matters into his own hands. He created a crowdfunding campaign with us and began raising funds.

What worked for Edward and Sophie’s fundraiser?

Promotional video for social media: As crowdfunding experts have noted since the inception of the industry, visual aid plays a paramount role in increasing donations. The reason is twofold – one, imagery helps viewers make an emotional connect and moves them to relate to the story. Two, it boosts authenticity (documents and official proof is secondary), encouraging viewers to trust the story. Our creative team was quick to create a campaign video to promote on social media, helping push their fundraiser.

Reaching out to personal and professional networks: The campaign saw foreign donations pouring in right from the beginning. Edward and Sophie had a large personal and professional network in the country and abroad. Edward was effective in reaching out to them and growing his support network, eventually helping them collect nearly Rs 14 lakhs!

Edward and Sophie’s story doesn’t end here. They successfully found a compatible donor for Sophie’s liver transplant in late 2017. We’re glad to have helped make the journey easier for them and hope to continue doing the same for more struggling patients in the future. If you’re looking to create a campaign to afford a loved one’s medical expenses, visit our medical crowdfunding page to start raising funds.

Visit Sophie’s fundraiser page here.

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