Rescue mission accomplished: Abu’s kidneys are stone-free!

By: Krisha Gohil, Suraj Pandey

Published On: October 08, 2021


Collecting and painting stones of different shapes is a sweet childhood memory for most of us. For 2-year-old Abu though, stones remind him of the nightmare he has escaped from. 


The month was January 2021 when the Bakar household was expecting Abu’s mischievous tumult, he had barely begun crawling and babbling. One fine day, an unbearable stomach ache left him wailing. Najama and Asalam rushed him to the local doctors’. 


The test results shook them - Abu’s kidneys and ureters were filled with stones and they were over 40 in number! The parents were lost for words. The next challenge was raising Rs 8 lakh for Abu’s 4 stone removal surgeries. But after selling his house and using all his money in the initial treatments, Asalam’s pockets had shrunk. The few hundreds he earned as a coolie were no match for the amount needed. Little did he know, the kindness of thousands of Impact Guru donors would soon save his little one and put his troubles to an end. 


700+ Impact Guru donors raised more than Rs 8 lakh for Abu’s surgeries! His cause had touched so many hearts that it was shared more than 180 times on social media!


‘Post-surgery, my Abu’s glow has returned. It’s as if all the suffering he went through was just a nightmare that went away with the early morning sun. A big credit for this goes to all the kind-hearted Impact Guru donors who came to my child’s rescue. The amount of kindness in this world just fills my heart. Thank you so much Impact Guru donors! May God always look after you.’  

- Najama, Abu’s mother. 


We are honored to be the bridge that stands between those in need and generous donors like you. The Impact Guru family thanks all those who contributed towards Abu’s treatment. 

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