Waiter's Daughter Sampriti Is On Her Way To Recovery From Leukemia!

By: Bidyut Roy

Published On: October 10, 2018

Funds raised: Rs 14,34,159
Donors: 1006

When little Sampriti hurt her leg while playing with her friends, little did her parents know it was only the beginning of a year-long struggle.

The diagnosis was made when the 2-year-old suffered a seemingly minor fall in early 2017. Her parents took her to the local hospital, assuming the injury to be a mild one. However, when doctors investigated further with blood tests and scans, they discovered she had Leukemia. 

Sampriti’s father, who supported the family on a waiter’s income, was told that she would now need at least 2 years of continuous treatment, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions.

Moreover, the family would need to move to Mumbai, where Sampriti was to be admitted to Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai. Her parents gathered whatever little savings they had and traveled to Mumbai, hopeful that kindness would come their way.

Upon reaching Mumbai, Bidyut Roy (the father) quickly began looking for a job. With hearts full of hope that their finances would work out somehow, Sampriti’s parents had admitted her to Nanavati before they’d even considered crowdfunding. Unable to afford the hefty prices of accommodation in Mumbai, Sampriti’s parents decided to make do with whatever space they had at the hospital room.

Consultation charges, diagnosis, medication, and treatment including chemotherapy and radiotherapy for the next two years were amounting up to Rs 14 lakh. The family’s previous meagre earnings had not prepared them for such a bill. For weeks, the couple lost sleep as they pondered over their few options. Finally, Bidyut learned about the crowdfunding on ImpactGuru.com through a friend and sat down to create a fundraiser immediately.

In no more than 3 days, his appeal reached out to over 1000 kind donors to raise Rs. 14.3 lakh!

Soon after her fundraiser ended in May 2018, the Impact Guru team went to visit Sampriti, who is now receiving her treatment in time! Take a look:

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