This Cafe is Going to be Run by Adults with Developmental Disabilities!

By: Yash Charitable Trust

Published On: May 28, 2018

Raised: Rs. 7,50,646

Duration: 16

Donors: 73

Yash Charitable Trust is looking forward to open a cafe with a staff having developmental disabilities.

It is widely believed that autistic persons are unemployable and are denied opportunity to have a satisfying, fulfilling, independent adult life. Yash Charitable Trust was established in 2014 with the mission to enhance the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities. Their venture of daily lunch delivery system, Arpan Dabba Service is a huge success. Unable to expand due to limited resources, they needed help to achieve their next goal – Opening a Café!

YCT has a plan to open a cafe as a way to propagate real employment for more adults with developmental disabilities. The cafe would also be a meeting place for like-minded persons who believe in making this world more inclusive for all communities. Once a dream, is now a reasonable plan! All they needed to bridge this gap was a crowdfunding campaign at Impact Guru.

Know what made YCT’s campaign such a huge success:

Impactful fundraiser Story: Donors would contribute with confidence to a campaign if they know that your ideas have worked in the past. YCT wrote impressive fundraiser story which highlighted the success of their past ventures which went a long way in building trust of donors on capability of an organization.

Personalised Rewards to contributors: They offered various rewards like personalized Thank you notes, videos, Invitation to join for free lunch and invitation to café opening ceremony. These rewards offer big value to donors as they have some nice memories to cherish forever. 

Appealing Videos: Along with comprehensive fundraiser story they also posted videos explaining their new venture, vision and mission of their organisation. This helped in not only catching the attention of contributors but retaining it and weaving a meaningful interaction.

Effective Social Media Promotion: In today’s day and age, there is nothing more effective than Social Media to shout out your ideas to people. The campaign of YCT was shared aggressively on Facebook not only by themselves but by various people and supportive organizations like Dasra as well.

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