Butterfly boy Harshal can now have reconstructive surgery, thanks to Crowdfunding!

By: Sushant Sharma

Published On: July 23, 2019


Funds raised: Rs. 8,38,734

Duration: 82 days

Donors: 570

Two days after Harshal was born, he suffered rashes on his body that turned into blisters. Assuming it to be a skin disease, his parents took him to the hospital where countless tests and x-rays revealed that he was suffering from Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare genetic disorder.

Harshal’s parents were alarmed to see how quickly his condition worsened. To their horror,  his limbs started to fuse together due to skin erosion. Harshal was not able to digest food and would often throw up. 7-year-old Harshal has been on a liquid diet ever since. 

Harshal’s father Mangesh tried everything for his son’s treatment. The doctors at DY Patil Hospital, Pune finally suggested reconstructive surgery for Harshal’s limbs and food pipe. The cost of surgery was way beyond Mangesh’s reach.

Mangesh found a ray of hope 

Mangesh is filled with gratitude whenever he thinks of the day his friend suggested him to use crowdfunding for his son’s treatment. Digging deeper, he realized that it was his only shot at saving his son’s life. With help from ImpactGuru’s team, he created a fundraiser for Harshal. Magnesh constantly shared updates and photos of Harshal on social media to draw attention to his son’s predicament. He even made a video appeal to donors. To his surprise, 570 generous donors came forward to raise Rs. 8,38,734 in no time

Harshal is still waiting to undergo surgery, but the day is not far when he will have proper limbs to play with and a food pipe to have real food.

ImpactGuru thanks all the donors and well-wishers who generously contributed to make Harshal’s life better.


Note- With great sorrow, we want to share that untimely demise of Harshal, the butterfly boy in the year 2020.



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