Krish gets to lead a life without cancer thanks to Impact Guru donors

By: Krish

Published On: February 03, 2021



“When I look at Krish playing with his twin brother and older sister, I feel blessed. I’ve waited to see this beautiful sight for months. I quiver every time I think of those days where Krish was attached to a machine, surrounded by doctors and nurses at all times. Your help has brought about a change in my home. You are the reason my son defeated cancer.” - Pooja

3-year-old Krish showed symptoms of blood cancer in June 2020. Fever and a body full of rashes led to his diagnosis, Acute Myeloid Leukemia (blood cancer). Pooja was heartbroken seeing her once active child so weak and fragile. Krish was separated from his twin brother Harsh for days on end. The mother’s desperate attempts to bring Krish’s favourite toys to lighten his mood were soon futile as chemotherapy sessions left the boy lifeless.

Krish’s condition began to deteriorate as he developed pneumonia and high fever. His only survival option became a stem cell transplant costing lakhs. The parents were shattered. They had already spent every last penny they had. The only positive news was that their daughter-Nandini was a matching donor. But Krish’s father is a vegetable vendor, who earns about Rs 200 per day. He couldn’t foot the bill.

“I received a lot of help from Impact Guru for Krish’s chemotherapy sessions. But when I was given the estimate of the transplant, I thought the amount was too high to raise. I was losing hope. But Impact Guru didn’t,” says Pooja.

The team at Impact Guru wishes to thank each one of you, for your efforts in getting Krish a transplant. Pooja and her family can experience happier days because of your support.

We hope this 3-year-old’s victory motivates you to continue supporting the battles of children with cancer. There are many more lives yet that needs saving. With your kindness, it is possible.


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