Sarika welcomes her baby for the first time after 2+ months long wait

By: Krisha Gohil, Suraj Pandey

Published On: October 28, 2021


‘No act of kindness goes unnoticed’ I have always believed in the truth of these words, but it was in April 2021 I felt the strength of these words. 


Tarun and I were awaiting happy times with our second child. When we got to know that we were having twins, our happiness doubled! We had already struggled a lot when 5 years ago when our first daughter, Kaashvi was born prematurely. This time, we were determined to be extra cautious and had all our savings lined up. But 6 months into the pregnancy, history caught up with us!


On April 23, 2021, I experienced the bittersweet joy of motherhood with my premature twins. There was no time to smile or cry for both of them weighed less than a kilo and had to be rushed into the NICU. Just when I thought that the worst had come to pass with my babies wrapped up in tubes, on ventilator support, one of our twin daughters left us. 


The only thing that kept my heart from shattering was the sight of my other baby struggling to live in the NICU. She had gained 70 gram but was still fragile. As per the doctors at Rainbow Hospital, her underdeveloped organs and frail body needed prolonged NICU care


Tarun and I had spent Rs 13 lakhs by then! We were at our financial limit. Moved by our plight, the hospital staff gave us Impact Guru’s reference. Tarun took a leap of faith and dialed the ten digits that would open the doors of grace for us. 


Team Impact Guru walked us through the entire process and helped us at every step of the way. When my baby’s fundraiser finally went live, hundreds of kind Impact Guru donors came forth to her rescue. The long period of 2 months and 20 days she spent in the NICU was made possible through their donations and social media shares. 


Today, my daughter, Mahal is thriving and fulfilling all her milestones in time. Her entry into the world may have been challenging, but with your undying support, all the doors of love and light have now been opened to her. Thank you so much for adding to my joy of motherhood! My family and I will be ever grateful to Impact Guru and its donors!


- Sarika, mother of baby Mahal.



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