YOU helped little Arushi find her feet and how!

By: Diamond Diwan

Published On: March 14, 2019

Amount raised: Rs. 17, 98, 171

Number of donors: 1101

Diagnosis: Congenital pseud arthrosis of tibia

Twins Avinash and Arushi were named after their parents who passed away a little after they were born. The young ones started living with their grandparents and it appeared that their rocky journey would finally stabilize. However, when Arushi turned one she was diagnosed with congenital pseud arthrosis of tibia - a rare condition; found in 1 out of every 2,50,000 births.

This basically meant that if Arushi doesn’t have an operation to fix her condition, she will never be able to walk again for the bone in her right leg had cracked. The grandparents were already struggling with parenting in the 70s and had no means to pay for her surgery worth Rs. 16 Lakhs.

Lost and distraught, they turned to Impact Guru for help. Arushi’s campaign went live and they raised over 17.50 Lakhs in just 3 days. Little Arushi received more love and wishes than her grandparents ever imagined.

Thanks to YOU Arushi received her leg surgery within a few days..

Her POP cast has been taken off and she can start walking with the help of a walker soon. Doctors estimate there to be a few more months until she can start walking on her own. ImpactGuru heartily thanks you for your generosity without which, none of this would be possible. Folks, this one’s on you.

You can read her story, here.

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