What is crowdfunding?

  • Pooling in small amount of funds from a large number of people online for the humanitarian projects you support or undertake.
  • Using the power of Internet to expand the reach of the good work your NGO is striving for and inspiring other changemakers to contribute towards a better society.

Inspire new-generation changemakers

Engage with your volunteers by letting them crowdfund for your NGO whilst sitting at home.

Fundraise for your NGO

Women empowerment? Poverty alleviation? Child protection? Fundraise and do advocacy for your cause now.


Great way to associate your run with worthy causes such as Cancer Research or Women Empowerment. Noble, right?

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How it Works?

Why crowdfund on Impact Guru?

  • Start a Fundraiser for Free in just 5 minutes
  • Have a microsite dedicated to your NGO
  • End-to-end Fundraising Support on Email & Chat
  • Instant approval on your campaign
  • Instant 80G tax deduction certificate for Indian donors
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Every share can be worth a donation Learn More
  • International donor support for FCRA approved NGOs

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Impact Guru has been very efficient in providing assistance to the participating NGOs during the pre campaign, actual campaign and post campaign period. The various tips and end-to-end support helped us in being successful at raising funds and meeting our goal.

Geetika ChandraDevelopment Manager and PR, Aaina
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