After a fatal train accident, here's how Saurabh survived

By: Anushka Pendurkar

Published On: June 13, 2018

Amount raised: 11,30,888
Number of donors: 407

Saurabh Pendurkar suffered from a fatal fall but emerged as a strong warrior. Here’s his inspiring story…

The tragic fall

On February 23, 2018, Saurabh Pendurkar left home, to make way for work. It was a morning like any other, where Saurabh reached Bandra station in Mumbai, to reach his office in Malad, where he worked at a call centre. The train was crowded as usual and Saurabh stood near the door as there was no place to move inside. 

In a split second, Saurabh’s life changed forever. A sudden jolt from a fellow passenger behind him, made Saurabh fall off the train and lie unconscious on the railway tracks. It was only a few minutes later that he was tended to by other passengers at the station and rushed to a hospital nearby. 

The doctors informed Saurabh’s family that his condition was critical and that he would require a neurosurgery, a plastic surgery among other treatments and the sum total would come up to Rs. 25 lakh. 

The family situation 

The amount was an exorbitant one to pay for Saurabh’s family as they hailed from a middle class background. Saurabh’s sister Anushka worked in a PR firm and earned a meager income. Her mother worked as a part time teacher and earned Rs. 5 to 6,000 per month. 

Anushka’s father owned a small grocery store through which he made a supported his family. All in all, the family just about managed to make a living with whatever they earned and the requirement of Rs. 25 lakh only added to their burdens.

Read Anushka’s personal account of the incident here.

The crowdfunding journey 

As a result, Anushka started a fundraiser and hoped to collect enough funds to help out her brother. 

She was successful and managed to raise Rs. 11 lakh with the help of 407 donors! “It was truly an overwhelming experience to see such support from not only our loved ones, but complete strangers who could have turned a blind eye to us, but in turn, decided to help,” says Anushka. 

How Anushka and her family successfully raised funds 

We spoke to Anushka in detail about her fundraising journey and asked her about the methods she adopted to raise the required funds. 

“We made it a point to spread the news via Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter. Saurabh’s story was able to reach people through reputed newspapers, and through social media, as we had some connections,” she said. 

Anushka also informed that her relatives and friends helped in sharing the post amongst their circles and hence widening the fundraiser's reach. 

What proved to provide an added advantage was the traction that Saurabhs fundraiser received on Twitter by television personalities. 

“Television personalities such as Hina Khan, Divyanka Tripathi, Gautam Rode, Hiten Tejwani, among others retweeted the post and helped it reach as many people as possible,” says Anushka, adding, “aside from this, entertainment portal India Forums helped us in our time of need, by spreading the news through their Twitter account.”

Saurabh’s condition now 

Anushka informed us that her brother is improving and showing a speedy recovery. “With the help of the money collected, we could clear Saurabh’s medical bills and get started on his treatments.By god’s grace and the generosity of people, my brother is recovering. He is able to walk and talk,” she says. 

Here’s what Saurabh and his mother sent their donors after his recovery:

You can check out Saurabh’s fundraiser here.

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