Ravi’s Personal Approach to Crowdfunding Helped Save His Wife!

By: Ravichandra MS

Published On: May 29, 2018

Funds raised: Rs 7,72,583
Donations: 164

Mekhala’s happy, normal life was turned inside out when she fell unconscious and had to be rushed to the nearest hospital. She was diagnosed with multiple organ failure and was told to start preparing for a pancreas and a kidney transplant. Her husband Ravi absorbed the shock of her sudden illness but was left worrying about the cost of her treatment.

She was to be hospitalized until her transplant procedures due to her weak state and fever. 

She was admitted in the ICU which cost them Rs. 80,000/ day.  Her treatment costs (including the transplant procedures) amounted up to Rs 30 lakhs. After exploiting all means to gather funds, Mekhala and Ravi managed to collect Rs. 16 lakhs, but nearly half the medical bill was still left unpaid. With no other way left, he turned to crowdfunding.

In 17 days, Ravi was able to collect Rs. 7.7 lakhs from 164 people! Here’s how he did it: 

Personal approach: Not only did Ravi repeatedly share the campaign and updates on Mekhala’s health on social media, he also approached individuals from his network personally. He wrote to Mekhala’s relatives abroad, to her employer and to his friends, requesting them to contribute to her recovery and share her fundraiser with their networks on Facebook and Whatsapp, confirming that they had donated as well.

Validation: Whoever has been involved in a crowdfunding campaign, whether it’s running one or donating to one, will agree that the primary concern donors have is with the authenticity of the campaign. The audience is sceptical of the intentions of the campaigner. Knowing this, Ravi made sure every family member, friend and colleague that shared his campaign on social media attached a note confirming the authenticity of the campaign and their connection with Ravi. This personal validation worked wonders to rope in unknown donors over a short period of time.

Thanks to his sincere approach, Ravi was able to get a much larger trusting donorbase, making his fundraiser a success in only 17 days!

View his fundraiser page here.

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