Prashant breathes fresh air after beating COVID

By: Aman Soni, Sachin Mainade, Kleio Bhagwati

Published On: July 02, 2022


Prashant’s life took a dive when he was diagnosed with COVID. With the infection spreading to his lungs, Prashant’s state of mind and his hopes for survival grew grim. But all was not lost as he had support and love from his friends and family. Impact Guru donors also showered tons of love on Prashant and saved him from the inevitable.

With 80% of his lung damaged, Prashant was fighting for his life in the ICU. Impact Guru donors were his only hope. The treatment cost was an unaffordable Rs 15 Lakh.  With Impact Guru’s crowdfunding platform, you helped him raise the required amount and saved him from COVID. 

With the support of 624 souls, Prashant now breathes the fresh air and has come to life. His life is far more beautiful because you shone your light in him. He thanks you and all the Impact Guru donors with all his heart for helping him survive and thrive through this ordeal.



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