Hurray, Donors! Shivvati can now do what moms want most- witness her son’s marriage

By: Krisha Gohil, Suraj Pandey

Published On: May 10, 2022


To the world, Shivvatidevi is just a mother. To Yogesh, her son, she’s his entire world. After the 32-year-old man lost his father in 2020 from liver failure, it’s only been Yogesh and Shivvati. He worked tirelessly as an interior designer in Bangalore, fending for his mother, who resided in Mumbai.

Yogesh is one amongst the many unfortunate people, who lost his father and his job in the pandemic. When he arrived in Mumbai, he somehow managed to pool in his savings and kept paying off the bills. When fate decided to test the dutiful son even more, Impact Guru donors held his hand. 

3 years ago, Shivvatidevi underwent eye surgery to fix her poor vision. What seemed harmless on the surface, was the byproduct of something much worse that returned in 2021 in the form of headaches and giddiness. Multiple tests and scans revealed the diagnosis: Pituitary Macroadenomas. A benign tumour was growing in Shivvati’s pituitary gland. It had impaired her vision and had left her with searing headaches that didn’t allow a good night’s sleep. The giddiness that followed made the ordeal much worrisome. 

Yogesh had already spent most of his savings trying to get the right diagnosis for his mother. When he learned that he needed at least two lakhs more for his mother’s final cure: Radiosurgery. Shivvati’s recovery took a hopeful turn when a kind colleague from Yogesh’s ex-workplace introduced him to Impact Guru’s online platform. 

Just a month or two into the campaign’s launch, Shivvati was blessed with the love of Impact Guru donors around the world! The 61-year-old’s radiosurgery was successfully carried out. Now, the young-at-heart mother is all the more inspiring in her son’s eyes. 

‘Impact Guru is no less than a God-given gift for us. Last year has already been too gruesome for my mother and me with my father’s passing. I took a leap of faith and was met with kindness, just when it felt like my only family would be taken away from me. Thank you, Impact Guru donors, you are doing a great job! Now all I want is for my mother to recover completely and become an Impact Guru, sharing stories of need and donating to causes. I want to pay it forward by joining Impact Guru’s mission to save lives.’

  - Yogesh, Shivvatidevi’s son. 

Your kindness has saved not one, but two lives! Impact Guru salutes all the saviors of Shivvatidevi.



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