How Suresh Rescued his Little Daughter Aadya from Leukemia

By: Suresh Nair

Published On: May 29, 2018

Raised: Rs. 15,76,293
Donors: 262

After getting treated for almost an year, Baby Aadya’s blood cancer relapsed and she was left with no option but to get a Bone Marrow Transplant. 

It starts with recurrences of fever, constant sweating at night and fatigue you cannot explain. Though the lymph nodes swell, it’s not something you notice immediately as there is no pain. Bones weaken and joint pain is common. You’ll probably find yourself bleeding and bruising easily, more frequently than earlier, before all the symptoms rose from seemingly nowhere, and started draining the life out of you slowly.

That’s how it starts - Leukemia, cancer of the blood.

Leukemia, Costs and Crowdfunding

Procedures required for the diagnosis of the disease alone can go up to 1 lakh rupees or more. This figure includes CT, PET, and MRI scans, FNAC (to investigate lumps under the skin), biopsy (to examine the bone marrow tissues) and multiple other diagnostic procedures. Once diagnosis is done, a doctor may prescribe multiple cycles of chemotherapy treatment, then medication. Patients like baby Aadya and their families are constantly on the lookout for options to acquire funds. 

One alternative option increasingly gaining favour in India is crowdfunding. With many platforms to choose from, crowdfunding is a convenient option for patients across the country. Patients that have family and friends living far away and are willing to help can easily contribute through a safe platform online. Crowdfunding also saves the time and energy one expends in obtaining a loan or looking for a best-fit NGO.

How Crowdfunding Saved Aadya

Diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in March 2016, Aadya Nair was barely three years old at the time. She underwent treatment from March to December of the same year, when the cancer went into remission and she was discharged from the hospital. Treatment for the disease is known to be severely painful, but Aadya took it on like a brave soldier.

Aadya was happy and healthy for a few months after her treatment. However, misfortune struck when the cancer relapsed. In May 2017, a round of chemotherapy was advised by doctors, followed by a bone marrow transplant. Her family had already exhausted their savings on her first round of treatment, and were now helpless, desperate for the quickest funding option that could save their daughter.

Suresh, Aadya’s father, heard about crowdfunding created a fundraiser on in three simple steps, setting a goal of 25 lakh rupees. Suresh called our campaign manager for guidance and communicated to her the urgency of the campaign. She kept in touch with Suresh, helping him enhance the visibility of the fundraiser on social media and assisting his family and friends who had trouble using the platform. In the next 30 days, 266 people came together to contribute nearly 16 lakh rupees towards her transplant procedure! Impact Guru released funds in less than 48 hours. 

Creating a fundraiser provided Suresh the ideal and timely solution for Aadya’s unfortunate condition. 

Bringing online and offline networks together

Crowdfunding, which thrives on people, works best if family and friends are involved closely with your campaign. Suresh, whose offline social circle is large, was lucky enough to spread his story far and wide on social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. Aadya’s story was shared 150 times. Each share on these platforms helped spread the word and rope in the 262 kind people who helped her family afford the colossal expense of her treatment. 

Aadya was able to undergo the transplant a month after the campaign closed. Funds raised paid Aadya’s chemotherapy bills, bone marrow transplant surgery costs and for the support medication and blood transfusions. 

We’re proud of little Aadya who battled the deadly disease with all the strength she had, and we’re grateful for every share and donation that helped her family afford her treatment in time to save her. Look through our success stories page to learn more about other campaigns that ended on a note of joy!

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