1k+ Impact Guru donors rescued a daughter from a brain tumour

By: Krisha Gohil, Suraj Pandey

Published On: October 28, 2021


In the small village of Joykrishnapur in West Bengal, lives little Anushka. Her bright smile was all the wealth her parents could ask for. Tapas works in the fields and taught classes 1-6 to make ends meet. Amita, on the other hand, runs a month’s errands on her husband’s income of Rs 5k and never asks for more. Life went on unhindered till May 2020, when Anushka suddenly fell ill and none of the home remedies assuaged her condition. Days passed, but even the local doctors’ medicines couldn’t bring back her liveliness.


After knocking on every villager’s door, Tapas somehow managed to arrange the funds needed to consult a specialist, 180 km away in Kolkata. There, a series of tests revealed Anushka’s cancerous brain tumour! 


Medulloblastoma - a disease that was prying on Anushka’s cerebellum and spine! The 4-year-old’s health was falling apart. Her muscle coordination, cognitive abilities, and balance were getting impaired. Her body felt no longer hers, as involuntary movements and headaches stole away her bubbliness. 


After undergoing brain surgery, the girl’s only way out was with chemo and radiotherapies. Anushk parents having sold all they had were surviving on an idli a day by this point. Learning that they still needed lakhs to save Anushka shattered their spirit. After a few days of anxious searching, help arrived right where their search began. OncoVille Cancer Hospital and Research Centre went out of his way to their rescue and brought the cause to Impact Guru’s team. 


Within a span of months, Anushka’s campaign received the prompt love and support of 1k+ Impact Guru donors! With the amount raised through donations and social media shares, the girl’s line of treatment was successfully carried out. 


‘Cancer is such a disease that leaves no time for grief or repose. As parents, you have to be constantly on your toes for your child’s well-being. More than one thousand kind strangers lifted our spirits and came to my child’s rescue, just when I thought that we were fighting a losing battle. Now, I can finally hope to see my Anushka dance and play once again. I do not have the words to express how grateful I am for everyone’s support. Impact Guru donors, you are truly marvellous! May God always look after you!’

- Tapas Mann, Anushka’s father.


Anushka’s happy days are just around the corner! Thank you, dear Donors, for making Anushka a cancer survivor!

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