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Casa Vida does an amazing working with some of the worlds most vulnerable women and children.


CASA VIDA was established in 2008 as a not-for-profit organisation and is now the leading provider of care to survivors of abuse. It is committed to and acts in the protection, welfare and rights of children. The focus is on the international rights of the child.   

The organisation works in an integrated manner in caring for and meeting the needs of children who are  survivors of violence  and sexual abuse and their families in accordance with the provisions of United Nations conventions, Laws of Timor Leste and relevant International Law. As well as shelters, Casa Vida currently operates two of the top hospitality services in Timor-Leste, through Kafé Aroma and Doce Vida to train women from vulnerable backgrounds.

Sexual, Physical and Psychological abuse of women and children is a growing problem within Timor-Leste but an alarming number of victims are withdrawing their complaints due to the woman and her family’s being financially dependant upon the perpetrator.

This problem is compounded further by two issues for women trying to break free from violence. Firstly, there is a lack of vocational training programs available for women, especially those that can led to a professional qualification and future employment. Secondly, access to training programs, primarily due to financial dependence, is very limiting. Any women that accesses the support of a shelter lives with the fear that she may have to return to the abuser or starve, if she cannot support herself or her family. 

The government of Timor-Leste has encouraged tourism and opening of small businesses within the hospitality industry, however, the biggest challenge for this market sector is to find skilled and experienced labor.

Through professional training and help accessing the labor market, young women (victims or mothers of victims) can overcome their fear and financial dependence. Gaining professional skills, not only help these women live independent, fulfilled lives but also helps rebuild their self-confidence and sense of worth. Through the building of a employment service and database, Life House Training is aiming to become the first such service with the Timorese hospitality industry and equip these young women with the necessary skills, empowering them with the self-esteem and confidence to reintegrate back into households and communities as an independent woman.

With the development of the specialist training facility, the program can increase the range of training and increase the number of places available to women in the wider community. As a partner with the Timorese Government the young people trained by our project can fill the industry shortage gap. Whilst this project will have an economic impact for the hospitality industry and individuals involved, Life House training is also committed to the social impact for women and families, who are reclaiming their lives after abuse.  As part of our training program, our trainees are challenged and prepared to train others either by becoming a trainer themselves or as they encourage and empower other women, whether in the family or community!

Fund Utilisation -US$6000

One time set up or capital cost:

Computer for data base: $600

Class room furniture: $2,000

Kitchen equipment: $2,000

Operational cost:

Electricity: $800

Internet: $400

Other expenses: $200

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