After 5 years, ex-army man is ready to walk again!

By: Khushi Gohil

Published On: May 11, 2022


When we talk about courage, an image of an army man standing tall in his uniform comes to mind. Although for Prabhakaran, an ex-Indian soldier, courage is all about marching forward even when life knocks him down time and again. 

5 years ago, life came to a standstill for Prabhakaran when he developed paraplegia after sustaining a severe spinal cord injury. The man who once served his nation round the clock lost all the sensation in his legs, bladder, and bowel. By losing his uniform, the man also lost his independence. Right from using the washroom to walking and standing, he had to rely on his family for every physical task involving his lower body. 

Only a single ray of hope existed for the paralyzed man - Stimulation Movement Overground. STIMO’s groundbreaking procedure involves a surgery where an electrode chip is placed on the spinal cord of the patient and activated during the robot-assisted locomotion training. This electric stimulation awakens the dormant spinal cord tissues, and in turn helps patients regain control over their lower body movements. 

The promise of walking again with STIMO was, however, too pricey for the ex-army man who had already burned his savings in physiotherapy and medicines. The lockdown made matters worse. That’s when Impact Guru came into the picture. Within a few months, 300+ Impact Guru donors raised more than Rs 7 lakh for Prabhakaran’s treatment. 

The ex-army man has now taken his first steps with STIMO. He is ready to begin walking towards a bright future, all thanks to you! 

‘I feel lucky to have served a country where strangers consider each other family. Impact Guru donors, you have really proven to the world at large that it only takes being kind to be a savior!’


  - Prabhakaran M.



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