A Tale of Two Dogs (and the Two Women Who Changed Their Lives!)

By: Rashmi D'Souza and Ankita Khanna

Published On: May 29, 2018

Funds raised: Rs. 35,000
Donors: 19

These sweet dogs were lucky enough to be found by two kind women who chose to give their new furry friends permanent homes!

Kristy, an injured, abandoned Golden Retriever, is now healthy and happy with his new family!

“He had a high fever, a horrible skin infection and he had been left alone on the road.”

For over six years now, Rashmi has been rescuing abandoned and injured dogs regularly. She picks them up from roads and gutters, gets them the medical treatment they need and finds them loving homes!

Rashmi found Kristy shivering on a street in Electronic City, Bengaluru. He was an inexpertly bred Golden Retriever whose growth was stunted. Coupled with a severe skin infection, Rashmi suspected this was why he had been abandoned.

She longed to take him in, but couldn’t as she already had two dogs to fend for. Instead, she found a foster home for the dog, which cost her Rs 300 per day.

The adoption procedure took a while; more than two months! Rashmi always saw to it that every application was followed up with a house visit to ensure these dogs went to good homes. However, the daily foster home fees, along with the vet’s charges didn’t bring Rashmi down. She began crowdfunding with a goal of Rs. 28,000, determined to help her new friend.

In 10 days, the goal had been surpassed!

Now, months after Kristy’s rescue, the dog is unrecognizable. His coat is smooth and healthy and he’s happier than ever.

Two weeks ago, Rashmi finally found him a permanent home! A couple in Kerala fell in love with the dog and a house visit was done. Now Kristy responds to Joe and has been adopted by Caius and Gina, who adore his friendly and enthusiastic spirit!

Steps Rashmi took to promote her fundraiser:

Facebook groups: Rashmi posted Kristy’s story on Bombat Dawgz, a group of over 4,000 dog lovers in Bengaluru, and other relevant groups. A majority of anonymous donations poured in after she posted on the group. Shares from these groups helped find Kristy’s new family!

Rescuers unite: The community of dog rescuers on Facebook helped Rashmi out. After her first post, Rashmi saw that many strangers were sharing Kristy’s story repeatedly across different groups and personal accounts without her even asking them to! This helped spread the word to thousands of social media users in Bengaluru and other cities.

Instagram stories: Rashmi owns a pet care brand, from whose Instagram page she made sure to put up stories and posts. She encouraged her family and friends to do the same and soon enough, she began receiving messages asking about the fundraiser.

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Mowgli was an indie dog that lived alone in a half-constructed site; until Ankita moved in!

Funds raised: Rs. 43,250
Donors: 23

“It was his home first, and it wouldn’t have been fair to throw him out. So we’re employing him!”

Ankita is a psychologist and manager at Children First, a clinic that strives to create communities that hold concern for the mental well-being of their children through clinical services, school programmes, trainings and so on.

When they were moving into their new clinic in Gurgaon, Ankita realized the building was already occupied.

Mowgli, a friendly indie dog had made his home in the clinic when it was still under construction. She felt that the building was first and foremost the dog’s true home and instead of moving him to a shelter, she decided to get him trained as a therapy dog in her clinic!

She turned to crowdfunding to help afford his training sessions. Her goal of Rs 40,000 was surpassed in two weeks!

How Ankita reached out to donors:

Facebook pages: Ankita shared Mowgli’s story on Children First’s official Facebook page, which has a following of over 5,000. Subsequently, she saw many of her contacts sharing and engaging with the story actively, though she hadn’t asked them to.

Personal approach on Whatsapp: Ankita and her team built a database of contacts that were likely to care about Mowgli’s cause from their personal and professional networks and approached them through Whatsapp messages.

An emotional appeal: Friends, family and colleagues shared Ankita’s heartwarming appeal across their personal Facebook accounts and Whatsapp, proving that a great story with a personal touch truly helps grab attention!

Posting updates: Regularly posted updates on Facebook as well as the fundraiser page helped get their audience excited and helped encourage more donations.

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