Fairy tale loving Anubhuti gets help from her guardian angels-IG Donors

By: Aman Soni, Shreyoshi Das

Published On: June 02, 2022

The queen of this story, Anubhuti is fond of stories and fairy tales. Every fairy tale has an ending that is sublimely perfect and happy. Our little girl wanted to live out fairy tales and was waiting for guardian angels to save her. 

As in every fairy tale, she was a victim of a devouring dragon called Gaucher’s disease. Impact Guru became the source for angels to rescue Anubhuti from a big belly and a swollen liver. 

1411 Impact Guru donors became Anubhuti’s guiding beacon. Because of you, she is undergoing Enzyme Replacement Therapy worth Rs 25,45,820. You help her spin and whirl with her mother under the open sky today. Sometime back Anubhuti couldn't even move because of the troubles of Gaucher’s.  With the help of her ongoing therapy, she will sparkle like a star, and smile widely till she reaches for all her dreams and make them come true.

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