ImpactGuru helps the preterm baby girl of Nischitha survive

By: Ashwath Seshadri

Published On: August 01, 2020


The birth of the couple Nischitha and Srinath’s baby, brought them sheer joy and heartbreak at the same time. Parenthood was supposed to be the blessing of their lives, but suddenly it had turned into a nightmare. 

The Bengaluru based parents had to rush to the hospital after a complication, and their child had to be delivered prematurely in the 7th month of gestation. 

The first time they saw her, their eyes couldn’t believe the state of their newborn, as she lay unnamed and alone in a glass cradle in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) with underdeveloped organs. The newborn’s life was in danger and she needed critical care. There was no choice left, but to send their baby into surgery. 

When her health failed to show any improvement, she was treated with IV fluids, IV antibiotics, phototherapy, and incubator care at the Ramaiah Hospital, Bengaluru. To save her from the tribulations of extreme low weight and susceptibility to catching infections, 30 days of prolonged hospital care was suggested. 

But this is where the family’s problems began. 

Their financial state was muddled, as the middle class family had already spent Rs 4 lakh from their savings. They were given another medical bill, which they had no means to afford.

That is when they found out about crowdfunding on, and they immediately started their free fundraiser campaign. Within days of sharing their baby’s story, the couple was able to raise enough money for the treatment. 

Today, the baby has managed to brave through the ordeal and is safe at home with her family. The power of crowdfunding can indeed help you and your loved ones too. 

Thank you so much Along with our baby, you came as a blessing in our lives.” - Nischitha, mother.

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