Little Shanmuka’s Liver Transplant was Funded in Just 1 Week!

By: Shanmukha

Published On: July 03, 2018

Amount Raised: Rs. 10,01,453

Number of Donors: 366

Little Shanmuka turned one in May 2018. This is his first birthday, and he spent the day on a hospital bed with his worried parents, fighting (and winning) a major battle for life.

It all began in February when Shanmuka began showing unusual symptoms for a boy his age. His skin turned a painful yellow and he would constantly cry in discomfort. His parents rushed him to the nearest hospital, expecting the doctor to diagnose him with jaundice. However, his condition was far worse than they’d imagined.

At no more than 11 months old, little Shanmuka was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, a condition where the liver is permanently damaged.

Only a liver transplant could save him.

He was admitted to Global Hospital in Hyderabad, but raising Rs. 10 lakh for his transplant still haunted his parents. 

This was when his father, Saraswathula began looking for ways to afford his surgery. He didn’t want to consider loans or borrow from relatives as these would turn into cumbersome burdens in the future, or put a strain on relationships. He scouted the internet, hoping to find a different solution and came across crowdfunding.

Initially, he was dubious about the idea of crowdfunding. “It seemed like an offbeat idea. I wasn’t sure if it was a concept that most people were familiar with. I wondered how my family and friends would react.”

However, he placed his son’s needs before his doubts and went ahead to create a fundraiser. The storybuilder helped him quickly craft an appeal.

The response he received surpassed his expectations. Within a single week, he managed to raise the Rs 10 lakh he needed!

Shamukha is currently on medications, getting ready for his transplant in August. His mother has been identified as a donor. 

What worked for Shanmuka’s fundraiser:

Approaching colleagues: Saraswathula works at Capgemini and was able to send his appeal to over 1000 colleagues at his workplace. 

HR For Good: His HR department at Capgemini helped him spread the word to every employee over email and helped him get more contributions.

Personal appeals: Other than his colleagues, Saraswathula only used Whatsapp to share his fundraiser personally with family and friends.

View Shanmukha’s fundraiser here.

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