Nuzhat's inspirational story touches hearts!

By: Ashwath Seshadri, Gaurav Salvi

Published On: May 06, 2021

Note: The story was shared by brave Nuzhat, who left for the heavenly abode in June 20, 2021, soon after sharing her beautiful story.

My name is Nuzhat Parveen. I aspired to become a doctor and burnt the midnight oil to make my dream come true. Then the day of my entrance exam arrived. As I was going to the examination centre, a terrible stomach ache left me unconscious.

Upon a visit to the hospital, I was informed that my liver was failing and I needed immediate treatment. After months of treatment when there was no recovery in sight, the doctors suggested a liver transplant. By this time, I was a shadow of my previous self. Life was cruel and painful. Breathing through a tracheostomy to ventilator support- my health only got worse. 

My mother sold off all her ornaments. My dad, a college professor, decided to give me a part of his liver. However, my liver transplant remained a distant dream with money running short. When we had no one left to turn to, we began a fundraiser on Impact Guru. My story reached thousands of people. 

A year ago (late 2019) I got a (liver) transplant at Apollo, Delhi. We were in dire need of funds. Team Impact Guru was super supportive. Today, I can go back to my studies and pursue my childhood dream of studying medicine and saving lives. I wish to thank all the 12,000 donors who helped me in my time of need with their donations. Thanks to all my donors.

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