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By: NavGurukul Foundation for Social Welfare

Published On: May 29, 2018

Funds raised: Rs 6,65,048
Donations: 52

A non-profit initiative, Nav Gurukul's mission is to provide free training to underprivileged children to pull them out of poverty.

Shakruddin was gifted with a voice that many professional  musicians envy. He was well on his way to seeing his dream of becoming a singer come true. However, things turned out differently. While he was still in school, his mother passed away, leaving him and his younger siblings orphaned. With nobody to help take care of his family, Shakruddin had to make a few difficult compromises. 

He quit school and starting working at a beauty parlour, which paid just enough the family’s food and board. The young man wanted a better lot for his family. He didn’t know how he could change things, and this frustrated him.

This is where Nav Gurukul stepped in. They took Shakruddin under their wing and decided to provide him with the necessary education to survive and prosper in the modern Indian economic picture. Nav Gurukul instructors taught him coding languages, starting from basic languages such as C and then progressing to more complex languages later. 

This proved to be a life-changing opportunity for Shakruddin, and he is not the only one. There are many who had to forego education to work hard at dead-end jobs, loading and unloading cargo, delivering mail, driving commercial vehicles, working in factories and at offices as assistants.  

Nav Gurukul, started by Abhishek Gupta, an IIT alumnus and Rishabh Verma, a self-taught programmer, has a mission to empower people from underprivileged backgrounds by helping them develop the skills to get white collar jobs. This comes in sync with the IT industry boom that continues to drive the services led Indian economy. Nav Gurukul incorporates students into that system and brings about upward social mobility. 

A fresher in an IT company usually starts off with a base salary of INR 25,000. This is in comparison with the INR 6,000 or so they might have been making usually through backbreaking manual labour, with nearly no prospect for career advancement. 

To make their teaching more effective, Nav Gurukul sought to start two additional learning centres along with developing an e-learning app, called ‘Saral’, along the lines of ‘Coursera’ and ‘Udacity’.

However, setting up and running skills training centers for young people isn’t cheap. Usually, a lot of money has to be invested before a student can even start; laptops and books are essential for learning, and since Nav Gurukul students are from low-income families, these have to be bought for them. Space and overheads run into large sums. To keep alive their mission of educating India’s youth, Abhishek and Rishav started a crowdfunding campaign on Impact Guru. 

Nav Gurukul has successfully raised over INR 6,00,000 on Impact Guru’s platform with a total of 51 unique donors contributing to the cause! Moreover, the fundraiser has been shared over 281 times just from the fundraiser page itself! Reasons for success

They were able to pull off such an ambitious project due to a very active social media presence and a well maintained online interaction on their website. Additionally, they also gave donors great rewards, depending upon the amount of the donation made. This coupling of a heartfelt gift, along with proof of action convinced a potential donor enough to make him/her contribute to the cause.

All in all, Nav Gurukul, was able to utilise the power of the crowd to its full potential and was thus able to raise funds to provide quality education to the underprivileged youth. The three phase course was broken down over a period of one year with a primary focus on extensive and in-depth learning, essential to any IT related job. This was followed by project based learning experiences and a comprehensive hands on approach towards improving general life skills. 

Through its effort, Nav Gurukul brought quality education to those who are unable to attend college to change their destinies. Moreover, students are encouraged to sponsor those who come after them, in a circle of kindness that will continue to flow.

Take a look at Nav Gurukul's fundraiser page here.

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