Impact Guru reshapes TB patient, Raju’s future with multiple surgeries.

By: Ashwath Seshadri

Published On: September 03, 2020



Young Raju, a 24-year-old man from Andhra Pradesh, thought he had life going for him. 

He spent a tough childhood, watching his farmer dad toil day and night to make ends meet. When he finally grew up and completed his education, he was proud to get a job as an airport ground staff. His work was rewarding. It gave him the chance to make life easier for his parents.

Raju’s only wish was to get his parents out of the poverty-stricken life. But life had something else planned for him. 

Raju suffered from severe abdominal pain and constant fever. Over time, things became so bad that he had to get admitted to the hospital. Multiple medical check-ups revealed he was suffering from a rare disease called Ileocecal Tuberculosis. 

He had his medications going, but it did little to make him feel better. He soon had to quit his job as he became bed-ridden. He needed multiple surgeries, like laparotomy, lavage, resection of stricture & perforation and barrel ileostomy. These were major surgeries, where a team of doctors had to make an incision in his abdominal cavity. The surgeries were estimated to cost Rs 19.5 lakh

His family of farmers were dependent on his salary as they hardly made much tending to the fields. Going door to door for help became his father’s only option, but even that wasn’t helping. That is when they started a free fundraiser campaign on 

They were taken by surprise! Generous people across the country connected with Raju’s cause. 

Raju stood on a thin line between life and death. But within days, people showered him with love and helped him afford his surgeries. All his surgeries were successful. Today he is home, healing from the surgeries and the dreadful disease.

“I have beaten this medical condition which I once thought was impossible to overcome. All thanks to the power of crowdfunding on You saved my life!”  - Raju

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