ImpactGuru rallies to bring Manoj’s Newborn Vedant to Safety

By: Mitaksh Jain

Published On: April 06, 2020



Manoj and Shalini were excited at the prospect of bringing a baby into the world.


However, a tragedy befell them as Shalini passed away two days after delivering her baby boy. Manoj was devastated. He wanted to grieve but he did not have that luxury. As the newborn was deprived of nutritious mother’s milk, he contracted an infection.


Manoj’s hopes sank as he had used all his savings in an attempt to save his departed wife. Then crowdfunding on ImpactGuru came to his rescue and reunited Manoj with his son. Donors gathered in solidarity to save this father-son duo. Manoj is grateful as his son is out of danger. According to Manoj, his late wife resides in Vedant. 


ImpactGuru did not save my son’s life. It also brought back my wife to me. - Manoj

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