In Shobana’s time of distress, crowdfunding sponsored her treatment

By: Oshin Rao

Published On: June 25, 2019

Shobana Santhanam was 34-years-old and lead an active life. She was a talented singer and artist. She had a fulfilling job working for a reputed national bank. 

 On October 1, 2015, while returning home from work in an auto-rickshaw, two men on a speeding bike, snatched her purse. In the process of trying to save her purse, she fell from the auto-rickshaw. The fall resulted in severe head injuries. Shobana underwent 2 major brain surgeries and was hospitalized for 4.5 months. With Shobana being the sole breadwinner, her retired parents suffered significant financial and emotional hardship.

That is when a friend suggested Shobana’s parents to crowdfund on for her. The family shared the fundraiser on social media.  Whatsapp proved to be the most effective platform for raising funds for the family. 143 strangers stepped in to help them in their financial distress. This amazed Shobana and her family! 

“ certainly paved the way for my daughter’s recovery. It was heartwarming to read their personal messages wishing Shobana a quick recovery.  I would highly recommend crowdfunding for any kind of medical emergency”- Shobana’s mother smiles.

Almost a year and a half later, Shobana is slowly progressing towards better health.  She has limited mobility and her cognitive function is still slow. Shobana loves going out and discuss her positive experience with crowdfunding with one and all. Her cheerful spirit is infectious! Crowdfunding saved a beautiful life. 

Shobana gives a shout out to her kind donors!

Know more about her story here.


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