Here’s how Baby Anvi’s received a second chance at life

By: Ashwath Seshadri

Published On: November 13, 2019


The young couple’s heart was broken when a few hours after delivery, the doctors informed them that their newborn needed to be put on the ventilator immediately. Baby Anvi was suddenly gasping for air. She was diagnosed with a fatal disease that these first-time parents could never have thought of. 

Upon running multiple tests, it was revealed that Anvi had Laryngotracheomalacia- a condition where the vocal cord falls into the airway, which leads to choking. She was rushed to surgery and the parents were informed that they would need to arrange funds quickly. 

Baby Anvi’s treatment had already cost the family Rs 2 lakh. They needed Rs 7 lakh for her treatment. Belonging to the lower-middle-class, Nisha and her family did not have the means to arrange the money for the surgery. Looking at the young parent’s plight, Nisha’s employer Mayank, consoled her and began considering funding options to help Baby Anvi out. He chose as he found the platform, easy to use. 

As he shared Anvi’s fundraiser extensively on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and also boosted the post to reach a larger audience, Mayank was amazed to see how people truly cared for Anvi’s cause. Within 5 days, the campaign achieved (Rs 5 Lakh).

A total of 855 donors came together to fund Avni’s surgery. Anvi not only underwent surgery successfully, but today is able to breathe on her own and has been discharged from the hospital.

Mayank’s desire to help and the generosity of the donors are the heroes who saved a newborn.


ImpactGuru celebrates the spirit of giving and appreciates Mayank and all the donors for their contribution.



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