Fundraising Ideas

Need an inspiration to raise funds? No worries, we’ve got you covered. We have shared with you  some of the tried-and-tested fundraising ideas that you can take cues from. Ofcourse, there are multiple ways one could crowdfund. We just wanted to give you a nudge in the right direction and share what has worked well for others previously to help you raise funds quickly for the causes that you care so deeply about. Let's get going!

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Easy Fundraising Tips

Are you feeling the inspiration? Ready to start fundraising and achieve your funding goals? How exciting. Take a look at our fundraising tips below so you have everything you need to start raising funds and begin the change.

Ideas That Work!

The story is the hero of your fundraiser. Apart from mentioning why you need funds and how they would benefit, also state your personal motivation behind the fundraiser. Make people feel for your cause as much as you do!
Images and videos work best to grab attention. If the images are great, the contributors will be compelled to read your story and contribute!
Give as much detail as you can about the problem, solution and the break-up of how the funds would be used.
Social Media is your genie in the bottle. Leverage all you Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Whatsapp contacts. Word of mouth helps too! Get more promotion tips here.
Provide personal and exclusive recognition to contributors for their donation. A simple thank you note or a shout-out is sometimes enough incentive for the donors to contribute! In other cases, a promise of a product/service is a great way to raise funds for your venture.
Contributors usually like to know how their funds are getting utilized. Keep updating the page. This will also help you raise funds beyond your set goal.
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