Stalin's Family Raised Half the Funds He Needed for His Treatment Overnight!

By: Kalyan Kumar

Published On: May 29, 2018

Funds raised: Rs 9,07,017
Donors: 212

What can a family do if its sole bread earner is suddenly admitted to the ICU? Stalin’s family has been facing this struggle since April 2015, when Stalin fell ill with a viral pneumonia and had to be admitted. He has been unable to work and the piling hospital bills were drowning the family in debt. After he was discharged, his family assumed that he had recovered from the disease, but was simply not as healthy and stable as he had been. Observing his weak condition, his wife started working but her income was barely enough. She was constantly flitting between work, caring for their two children and looking after her husband.

During this time, Stalin’s condition deteriorated slowly, to the perplexity of his family. Two years passed this way, until September 2017, when Stalin’s health dropped to a new low. He was down with a severe fever and faced unbearable abdominal pain. Blood tests, scans and a liver biopsy revealed that Stalin suffered autoimmune hepatitis. This had lead to liver damage over the years and the very next month, he was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, which is the end stage of liver disease. The family approached different doctors in 5 hospitals around Hyderabad, but they all came to the same conclusion. It was too late for anything other than a liver transplant.

Stalin needed a liver transplant in the next 6 months to survive his condition.

The transplant would cost the family Rs. 28 lakhs and post-operative care would swallow another Rs 10 lakhs. The family had already spent Rs. 10 lakhs prior to the transplant procedure and had been surviving on a single income for two years now. Stalin dealt with the pains of a swelling in his stomach and heavy fatigue as the family desperately puzzled over their financial condition. Stalin’s cousin Kalyan then took it upon himself to help them out and began crowdfunding with Impact Guru.

Kalyan was able to raise Rs 9 lakhs towards Stalin’s recovery, more than half of which poured in overnight!

With Kalyan’s help, Stalin found support from 212 donors who came together to contribute Rs 9,07,017 to help them afford the liver transplant he urgently needed. Here are some of the ways in which Kalyan was able to make his fundraiser a success:

Combined effort: Kalyan ensured that he wasn’t fundraising alone. He involved their family and friends in the process. All of Stalin’s cousins contributed to his campaign after it went live and shared it immediately throughout their social media platforms. Since at least 20 individuals were putting in as much effort as the official campaigner, Stalin’s donor reach multiplied quickly by a large margin in a matter of a few hours. This reflected brilliantly on his fundraiser: in the first 24 hours alone, it raised over Rs 5.4 lakh rupees!

Repeated sharing: Often, potential donors need constant reminding. Stalin’s cousins and friends ensured that their contacts would see reminders of the fundraisers everywhere: on their personal Whatsapp chat, on Whatsapp groups, on their Facebook newsfeed and so on. This also gave potential donors the illusion that the fundraiser was creating a bigger buzz than it really did, and encouraged them to contribute.

Campaign video: Every campaign has a similar journey. While the initial funding from friends and family is relatively easy to make happen, campaigns tend to become stagnant soon after. We created a short promotional video for Stalin’s cause, which was effective in attracting more attention and bring more strangers to donate to his campaign.

Take a look at Stalin's fundraiser page here.

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