Saving lives, two at a time

By: Bala Murali

Published On: May 29, 2018

Funds raised: Rs. 10,44,110
Donations: 671

Imagine how overjoyed someone is to welcome a child into their life. A person’s life changes radically with parenthood. Expected to look only after oneself and furthering just one’s own cause, the reality is abruptly changed with the arrival of a new child. Now, it’s no longer about individual growth but is instead about safeguarding the child’s interest, even if it comes at one’s own expense. For most, caring for a child goes relatively smoothly but there are a few situations where the person is faced with the harshness of reality. One such case is that of Balabhadrapatruni Murli.

On the 24th of September this year, Murli was blessed with twin babies.

However, due to a complication they were delivered much earlier than originally anticipated. Born only after 27 weeks of gestation, the premature babies were seriously ill. Barely able to breathe, the babies were found to be gasping continuously. According to doctors at the Rainbow Hospital at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad, their lungs were unable to develop properly given the true extent of their prematurity. As a result, they were placed on ventilator support for a while before being taken off and put on Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, which is advanced breathing support. This continued for a week and they were taken out of the incubator once their body weight reached a moderately healthy 1200 grams after which they were put on a HFNC breathing support, which is non invasive. The babies responded well to the treatment and their condition soon became stable relatively with the second twin’s recovery being much quicker. 

All of this would have been impossible had Murli not decided to seek help at the right time to save their lives. From a humble background, he found himself unable to get together medical treatment funds on his own when doctors told him that he would need Rs. 20 Lakhs, of which he could only afford half. As a recourse, he turned to crowdfunding. 

After carefully evaluating platforms to fundraise on, Murli decided to go with Impact Guru. With the goal amount set at Rs. 10 Lakhs, he started his fundraising campaign, providing all the necessary details which were well supplemented with pictures and documentational proof. Moreover, to reach as many people as possible and make them aware of his story, Murli shared his fundraiser page very vigorously on social media channels such as Facebook and messaging platforms such as WhatsApp. And lo and behold, his campaign turned out to be a huge success! Within just 6 days, he was able to raise over Rs. 10 Lakhs, making his campaign one of the fastest performing fundraisers on Impact Guru’s platform. And due to his networking activities, over 671 donors contributed to the cause with the largest donation being a whopping Rs. 1 Lakh! 

Additionally, Murli was active on social media.

He regularly posted updates on his babies’ conditions in the comment section and replied to people and thanked the donors. In one of the comments, he said, “Thanks for all the contributions.The affection and love shown towards these little ones will be remembered for ages. This campaign emphasizes that together we can achieve anything. I thank Impact Guru for providing a platform for people who are in need of funds and also like to thank donors across the globe who have contributed and shared this campaign with their network.  It’s not often that I post online but this campaign has proved my faith in humanity and togetherness.”

Visit Murali's fundraiser page here.

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