Baby Ayaan’s father shares his crowdfunding experience on Impact Guru

By: Ayaan

Published On: December 17, 2020

Goal Amount- Rs 80 Lakh

Achieved- Rs 20+ Lakh


I believed that the birth of Ayaan had changed my life forever. However, it was actually on June 7, 2020, that I understood how life pulls the rug from under your feet and leaves you dangling in fear and hopelessness. It is the tragedy of it all, that was really life-altering.

 Ayaan, who was only six months old then, experienced acute stomach pain and cried inconsolably. Without wasting any time, I took him to the paediatrician, who prescribed medicines. The next day, my son was fine, although his health was not 100%. The medication continued. Yet, by June 15, Ayaan’s stomach ache returned. For over 24 hours, he suffered from urinary or faecal incontinence. We checked his diaper several times, but it was as clean as we had just made him wear it. 

Lumbar puncture and bone marrow tests on June 16, 2020, eventually threw light on Ayaan’s actual medical condition. He tested positive for cancer- Acute Infant Lymphoblastic Leukaemia that identified him for a high-risk protocol. The cost of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant was Rs 80 lakh!

Even before the shock of my infant’s illness could sink in, the wariness of the required amount for treatment hit me hard. I prayed to God and said to myself, “I can’t fail as a father. I have to do something.” I cashed my insurance worth Rs 2 lakh and I used up all my savings, yet I was short of scores of lakhs. That’s when I decided to crowdfund on Impact Guru. 

Within 1-3 days, kind donors made Rs 13 lakh a reality for me. With that, I began Ayaan’s life-saving treatment. 
I finally raised Rs 20,04,255 with 854 donations and 439 shares. It helped me continue Ayaan’s treatment and keep him comfortable till...

In all my sincerity, I wish to thank you for giving my little Ayaan a fighting chance to beat cancer. 

You pitched in generously, we exhausted everything we had and the doctors did the best they could, but Ayaan's health suddenly deteriorated and his tiny heart gave up. 

Thank you for all your love and support, dear donors, of Impact Guru. I also wish to thank Impact Guru for making the fundraising experience transparent and honest. The fundraising worked for me. It gave me the courage to believe I could save my son’s life. Unfortunately, I couldn't save my child. Nevertheless, I thank you for being so considerate to my sweet Ayaan!

- Srinivas Malegama, Ayaan’s father.




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