Impact Guru Gives Anusha The Strength to Combat Cancer

By: Kleio Bhagwati

Published On: June 26, 2020


She was a bright star, rearing to go. She was the pride of her family and loved among her friends. 
When going got tough for her friends and family, she was the go-to girl. Anusha was kind, beautiful and ambitious, who had a promising future ahead. 
Then just like that, the cloud of cancer blurred her future and her life itself! The daughter of a farmer, when she suffered a relapse- her family panicked. They knew they couldn’t give up, but what could they do!
Anusha realised how her life and her dreams were slippy through her fingers. And only immunotherapy and chemotherapy were the way out. 
Anusha began a fundraiser to raise funds for her treatment and shared her tragic story. 
Her story made people cry. They wanted to help her get through the obstacles and gift her a start afresh. These people, the donors on ImpactGuru’s platform and allowed the young girl to fulfil her dreams. 
Anusha thanks all the donors and ImpactGuru for being there for her. Her beautiful words show how she truly feels. 
“You are the source of kindness that saves and makes lives.”
- Anusha

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