This musician’s crowdfunding journey to save his mother is a tune to follow!

By: Harshit Misra

Published On: May 29, 2018

Total funds raised: Rs. 10,44,693
Donations: 289

Harshit, a professional musician, turned out to be the knight in shining armour for his mother.

‘Life is short’ goes the saying and one truly understands its essence when his or her life is in danger, owing to varied circumstances. Such was the case with Anita Mishra, who suffered from a brain hemorrhage on February 7, 2015. Since then, things have been rather difficult for her and her family.

A path filled with obstacles

After suffering from brain hemorrhage, Anita had to undergo two surgeries (one in February and then in March, 2015)  for the removal of her brain tumour (Meningioma). She was bedridden post that and was being looked after by her husband and son.

Anita,who worked at an MNC had to quit her job and hasn’t been able to work since the past three years. She was given medical care at home, by a 24x7 nurse and a helper.

The costs of Anita’s medical expenses came up to Rs. 1, 60,000 every month. She experienced seizures in 2017 but the MRI results showed no signs of a tumour. But on January 31, 2018, Anita was admitted to a hospital and it was revealed that her tumour had returned, this time attacking the left part of her brain.

The doctors suggested a surgery for the removal of the same, a procedure that costs Rs 10 lakh. The amount seemed exorbitant to Anita and her family, who hail from a middle class background and had exhausted all their savings.

Was there hope for Anita? 

A son gives up his dreams for his mother 

From raising the child to securing his/her future, a mother does a lot. The time had come for a son to return the favour and Anita’s son Harshit Mishra, happily obliged. The professional musician who has worked with the likes of Shubha Mudgal, Shalmali Kholgade amongst others, gave up his career in the US, to care for his ill mother. The talented artist, who got an opportunity to study music in the US, gave it up to be by Anita’s side.

But aside from providing medical and moral support, Harshit also had to provide monetary relief to his family; so he turned to crowdfunding. 

Harshit talks about his miraculous crowdfunding journey

The musician resorted to crowdfunding to raise funds for his mother’s surgery. Harshit started a fundraiser for Rs. 10, 00, 000 on our website, and managed to raise Rs. 10,44,693 through 289 donors in a matter of 11 days! 

With the funds collected, Anita was able to undergo the surgery on February 6, 2018 and the same proved to be successful. She is currently under observation in the ICU. While speaking to us, Harshit said that “he couldn’t believe how it all happened”. 

Here’s what he did to promote his fundraiser:

Reaching out to people within the music community: Harshit contacted friends from his music community as well as fellow members from the industry. “I reached out to all the musicians in my community, from Shubha Mudgal, to Ehsaan Noorani to Shalmali Kholgade. They all helped me out. I have worked with all these people so I was honest with them about our family situation. While some helped out with donations, others promoted the campaign,” recalled Harshit.

Network came to the rescue: The musician also added that some of his friends from the industry helped with the donations while others such as Ehsaan and K.K reached out to more people for help. 

Promoting the campaign on social media: Harshit says the fundraiser received a lot of traction once he shared it on his Facebook page. While talking about the same, he said, “My post was shared by many of my musician friends. That way, the post managed to reach a lot of people.”
Personally reaching out to people: Aside from social media, Harshit credits the success of his campaign to word-of-mouth promotions. “I just reached out to people and didn’t expect such a great response. It was a pure miracle to get the funds in such a short time,” he concluded. 

Harshit’s story is a great example on how crowdfunding can help you save your close ones. So go crowd out loud, now!

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