Victory! 2k+ Impact Guru donors gave Akshara a new lease on life!

By: Kleio Bhagwati, Krisha Gohil, Suraj Pandey

Published On: October 08, 2021



When the pandemic flopped her family’s tiffin service business, Akshara knew to curb her wishes so that her parents didn’t feel guilty to say no to her. Even at the age of 5, the innocent girl would help her parents and make them smile with her jokes and stories. 


When fate conspired against the generous daughter, days were all she had left to defeat Wilson’s disease a fatal liver condition. But bad times were no match for Impact Guru donors who came to her rescue just in time.


Just when they began questioning their fate, Akshara’s doting uncle Anil shared her dreary story on Impact Guru’s platform. Within days, 2232 Impact Guru donors showered Akshara’s fundraiser with love by raising over Rs 22 lakh for her liver transplant! Her campaign was also shared 934 times! 


‘Today, Akshara is back to riding her cycle and playing around the house. We’re simple villagers, we never knew that something like crowdfunding existed. To think that we would be able to arrange such a huge amount for her transplant was way beyond our expectations. But, after learning that more than 2k kind strangers had donated over Rs 22 lakh for my daughter, it left me awestruck. I still believe that I do not have the right words to express my gratitude to all the Impact Guru donors who saved my girl. Thank you so much for giving my child a new life!’ - father of Akshara.


Today, less than 100 thousand Indians suffer from Wilson’s disease every year. As a nation with a considerable population below the poverty line, only a countable few get the deserved treatment in time. Your kindness symbolizes the onset of better days for the needy. Thank you for saving Akshara with your love.  

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