You Ensured little Anamika A Life Post-Accident

By: Trinete Rodregues, Suraj Pandey

Published On: September 26, 2021




On 23rd July 2020, life threw me the biggest challenge. For the longest time, I couldn’t forgive myself for not being more careful with my daughter, Anamika. My girl’s fall from a rusty rickety ladder landed her with severe brain injuries in the ICU. Injuries that stopped her from recognizing me, her mother!


I watched her for days, enveloped in pipes and bandages. The involuntary, jerky movements she made shattered my heart. I just couldn’t see my little girl in such a terrible state. I sat all alone next to her, storming the heavens for a miracle while trying my best to get her to call me Maa.


It didn’t take long for the financial scare to kick in. I knew it was impossible to arrange lakhs for Anamika’s hospital stay. But she needed it to get better! She needed it to recognize me. I did what any desperate mother would do at that point. I turned to strangers on the internet for help.


Let me be honest. I was sceptical at first. Would people even help my girl? But I’m glad I took the chance. ImpactGuru helped me start a fundraiser. Within days, there was a shower of donations and shares. I guess everyone wanted to give Anamika a second chance at life. She has that today. And it’s because of you. 


Today, Anamika recognizes me. She smiles at me and floods me with kisses. I’m grateful to everyone who helped out. From ImpactGuru’s team to the strangers who made this possible. My child’s back home, and she’s in the best of health. You gave her a life, a future. Thank You.


- Sarita Tiwari


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