Nivetha’s journey of surviving cylinder blast and getting her surgery.

By: Sushant Sharma

Published On: October 19, 2019



Every time Nivetha would look at herself, the horrific night of helplessly watching her parents burn would play in front of her. Her brother Nirmal and she was orphaned at a very young age, as her parents passed away in the cylinder blast accident and scarred Nivetha for life. It was Nivetha’s aunt and uncle who not only took the children in but, also helped provide for most of Nivetha’s treatment and education. 

Life went on and Nivetha passed her graduation. For years she had suffered alienation and discrimination for her looks. She never had many friends. Her neighbours would ask their children to keep a distance from Nivetha and she found it very tough to get through interviews. Although a bright student, Nivetha suffered from lack of confidence and social anxiety. 

Reconstructive surgery at Apollo Hospital, Chennai was the only option for Nivetha. However, her family could not afford it. This was then the doctor at the hospital informed her about crowdfunding on She was hesitant at first, but gathered courage and told her story through an online fundraiser. Within a few weeks, a lot of strangers across the world came together and helped Nivetha meet her goal amount. 

“You yourself can see the difference I have had after the surgery. My happiness knows no bounds. I feel normal again. Thank you, dear donors. Your contribution to has changed my life for the better.” -Nivetha.      

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