Shirya Celebrates Life Post-Proton Therapy

By: Kleio Bhagwati, Suraj Pandey

Published On: October 11, 2021


Shriya loved books, particularly stories where a guardian angel saved the day for a frightened yet troubled child. Shriya believed in fairy tales and the donors on India's best crowdfunding platform showed Shriya what fairy tales are really made of.

Shriya had a brain tumour and needed chemotherapy followed by 50 sessions of proton therapy. The expenses were too much for Shriya's humble parents. But they wanted to find a way to save Shriya.

On one such hospital visit, Mr Saha found a pamphlet of Impact Guru. He wasted no time and contacted the inquiry number. Within minutes a crowdfunding guru from Impact Guru was helping Mr Saha set up a free fundraiser on his phone. The team explained how crowdfunding works and guided him through the months.

And just like Shriya believed, donors were so affected by Shriya's story and her struggles that they began to donate generously. The fundraiser raised about Rs 33.74 lakh. Shriya was thus able to complete her proton therapy. The tumour is now gone. Shriya has 2920 Impact Guru donors to thank for saving her life.

"All I can say is, I will grow up and be a strong girl. And I will remember to be kind, just like the donors who saved my life. And I also want to talk the didis and bhaiyas of Impact Guru who call me to find out how I am. They also helped my dad pay my treatment bill. Thank you, Impact Guru and all the donors!" Says Shriya.


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