Armed with your love & support 3 y/o Goutham defeated liver failure

By: Krisha Gohil, Suraj Pandey, Shreyoshi Das

Published On: May 11, 2022


If there’s anything that the last few months have taught me, it’s that For every door that closes, there’s another one that opens. 2021 brought a whirlwind of tests into my Goutham’s life, but amidst all the chaos, he found refuge in the kindness of Impact Guru donors. He overcame the biggest challenge life threw at him, just when I thought that I would be bereft of the only family I have. 

A parent can move mountains for their child’s smile. I thought I could do the same for my Goutham’s smile, but when a sudden fever grasped him and began deteriorating his health, I found myself all alone and helpless. My husband abandoned us following little Goutham’s diagnosis.

I was all alone, looking after Goutham while his fever refused to subside and he eventually stopped eating. At Aster CMI Hospital, I had learned the name of the monster lurking behind Goutham’s frequent seizures, fever, and restlessness - Acute Fulminant Liver Failure. My boy’s liver had failed to a point where it was beginning to affect the rest of his organs including the brain, heart, and kidneys! But, this dark cloud also had its silver lining. Time was running out for Goutham, but a narrow time window still remained to save him with an urgent liver transplant worth more than Rs 28 lakh. 

After my husband closed his door on me, I had nowhere to turn to. That was the case until I got introduced to Impact Guru’s crowdfunding platform and how it brought the stories of several helpless families like ours to kind donors like you. Your generous donations and shares made it possible for me to save my little one with a part of my liver. 

Today, months after the liver transplant, I can say it with pride and immense gratitude that my three-year-old made it alive from a fatal disease. Your kindness armed me with the strength and the means to fulfill the role of a mother and a father for my son. I will be forever indebted to you all. Thank you, Impact Guru donors!


-  Goutham’s mother



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